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The new standard in Messaging

Within a single API, Broid brings together all major Messaging & Voice applications along with a state-of-the-art Web Chat so that you can focus on your product and avoid the needless complexity of new integrations.

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Developers First (and Second, and Third)

We measure success with how little code you write and obsessively seek out the best ways to provide developers with a seamless, robust and scalable service.

Libraries for different programming languages and mobile platforms

A polished documentation with step-by-step guides, examples & full references

You have a code question or you’re blocked somewhere: talk directly to our engineers on our dedicated Slack Support

We partner with W3C to build the new Standard of enriched messaging

The complete toolkit for omnichannel conversations

  • An unmatched number of messaging apps integrations
  • A state-of-the-art Web Chat
  • All the most powerful conversational features

Broid gives you the full messaging experience within a single API so that you can focus on your users, not on messaging infrastructure.

Messaging is everywhere, so can you

Extend your bots’ reach, test new customer support channels or improve visitor engagement on your website. No matter what your business case is, we have you covered.

14 days free trial - No credit card required

We do not compromise with

Quality. All our Libraries and SDKs go through extensive speed and deliverability testing. Our versioned, non-breaking API changes let you upgrade on your schedule. #NoSurprise.

Security. Every single message is encrypted and our whole platform is hosted on Google Cloud that has the best in class security.

Reliability. Apart from 24x7 monitoring, we built failover systems and redundancies at the heart of our back-end. Messages will keep flowing no matter what.


We don’t settle, we improve.
New integrations and new features are added every months. Building on Broid means you’ll get early access to the latest technologies.

Democratizing messaging.
That’s what Broid is all about and why we have a really fair pricing. We’re building the future of API communication, not charging you for every message you send.

Growing the Community.
We’re passionate about messaging and artificial intelligence, so we're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have, join us on Slack!

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14 days free trial - No credit card required