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Unlimited messages/users/channels, really?Absolutely! With Broid, you won’t be charged more than $50/app even if you send 5 billion messages to 1 billion users over every channel we offer! We would in fact be delighted for you!

Can I use Broid for free?We offer a 14 days free trial, no credit card required, so that you can make sure that Broid is a good fit your you.

Can I use Broid to replace Drift or Intercom?Yes but contrary to those two (awesome) products, we do not offer an interface for your agents to manage messages. We merely provide the messaging infrastructure, leaving the automation and conversation management to you.

I am not a developer, how can I use Broid?Broid builds developer-first tools, that means that to use our platform you need to be able to integrate APIs (or have someone available to do it)

How can I add channels to my application?Just go on your dashboard and activate any channels you would like to add to your app. You already have integrated the API, so no code change here, Yay!

How reliable is Broid architecture?Our entire architecture leverages the latest technologies offered by Google, so you never miss a message again. In any case one service fails, our failover system keeps track of any transfer during a downtime, to resume the process when servers are up again.

How is my data protected within Broid?Security is core to our values at Broid, so all transfers encrypted end-to-end using SSL.