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No limit. No inbox. No interface. Broid focus is to make you master of your interactive experience by delivering your conversations to whoever you want wherever they are.

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$9.99 per integration/month.

Unlimited Messages. Period.

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Unlimited Messages & Users
Access to Admin Dashboard
Secure encryption and failover

From the start they support us
We feel so lucky to have so much love.

Taoufif Zagdoud CEO at CALLR

As a carrier, we are at the crossroads in the chatbot ecosystem, it’s our mission to help businesses engage with a larger audience in more relevant and natural ways with their bots. Our integration with Broid makes it even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited messages and users, really?

YES! We don't have a strict rate limit. Broid API supports a high rate of calls. In any case you feel you need to hit our API quite heavily (sustained rate of 1 request/sec). Please let us know, we’ll figure something out.

How reliable is Broid architecture?

Our entire architecture leverages the latest technologies offered by Google, so you never miss a message again. In any case one service fails, our failover system keeps track of any transfer during the downtime, to resume the process when servers are up again.

How is my data protected within Broid?

Security is core to our values at Broid, so all transfers encrypted end-to-end using SSL.

Can I add integrations on the fly?

Yes, just go on your dashboard page, and turn on integrations you would like to add. No change is needed in your code.

Could I use Broid for free?

Our channel libraries are open source and available for any developer willing to implement them on an existing platform. You’re welcome in our community!

What are the differences between the opensource and the API?

Time and security. If you have the time to implement our libraries, please do so and let us know your suggestions. If you need to focus on the core of your product and are looking for a reliable way to communicate with your users, use the API.